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A Legacy of Excellence - POTC 360 Degree-POTC 360 Degree is a leading name in forex trading education, offering the best forex trading course that caters to all levels. A transformative journey with POTC 360 Degree. Our courses provide a complete guide to forex trading for beginners, including forex trading training, currency trading for beginners, scalping trading strategy, price action strategy, and much more. With a strong commitment to excellence, a partnership with the best Indian forex broker, and a focus on empowering the funded trader, we stand as a beacon for those who seek to learn, grow, and lead in the exciting world of forex trading.

Professional Online Trading Course-360°

The Birth of an Idea

Collaboration with Techwealthbank

Global Reach

Up-to-Date Curriculum

 A Team of Experts

In 1972, Professor William K initiated what would become POTC 360 Degree. Designed to provide forex trading for beginners as well as professionals, this course is your gateway to understanding the basics of forex trading, currency trading, and more.

Together with Techwealthbank, an ed-tech giant, we've created a unique platform that offers forex trading training and a forex trading full course PDF, making it easy for anyone to learn forex, regardless of experience.

Our courses are taught in 60% of the globe, including countries pioneering in Forex Trading. From currency trading, for beginners to professional forex trader development, we've guided thousands on their trading journey.

We align our courses with the latest requirements, incorporating topics such as fundamental analysis forex, scalping trading strategy, price action strategy, forex commodity, and more. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures you're always ahead in the field.

Our diverse team includes everyone from fund managers to funded traders and mentors. Whether you're exploring forex trading for beginners or seeking advanced strategies, our professional forex trader mentors are here to guide you.

Our mission at POTC 360 Degree is centered around empowering individuals to master the field of forex trading, regardless of their starting point. We strive to provide a complete and thorough education in forex, tailored to both newcomers and seasoned traders. This focus has allowed us to design a curriculum that integrates the essential components of forex trading, from the very basics to the most advanced techniques.Our courses teach the foundational techniques of currency trading for beginners, allowing them to grasp concepts like price action strategy, scalping trading strategy, and more. We provide our students with the opportunity to learn forex in a practical and hands-on environment, supported by our forex trading full course PDF, which acts as a valuable reference guide. Read more...


Our Misson


Our Vision at POTC 360 Degree- Our vision at POTC 360 Degree is multifaceted, reflecting our commitment to creating a world where forex trading is accessible, inclusive, ethical, and innovative. Through our comprehensive offerings, we envision nurturing a community of traders who are not only successful but also responsible and progressive.

We believe in the potential of each student, whether they are exploring forex trading for beginners or seeking to become a professional forex trader. With our world-class curriculum, cutting-edge technology, expert mentors, and ethical approach, we are building a future where forex trading is synonymous with opportunity, empowerment, and excellence.Read More...

 The Ultimate 360 Degree Forex Education Experience

"POTC 360 Degree isn't just a professional forex trader course, it's the best forex trading course that outshines traditional education. At a competitive forex course price, you can envelop on an unparalleled journey through forex trading classes tailored for beginners and pros alike. With our forex trading training and forex trading full course PDF, you’ll master both fundamental analysis forex techniques and the best forex trading strategy used by the best forex trader in the world. Learn forex trading with our online forex trading course, designed to give you the certified forex trader edge. From currency trading for beginners to forex algo trading, our comprehensive curriculum covers it all. Experience Forex currency trading live, learn Forex techniques, explore currency options trading, and receive the Best Forex trading signals. Whether it's a trading class for beginners or advanced insights into the best currency for trading, POTC 360 Degree propels you ahead of the competition. Join us and transform into a market leader with the forex trading for beginners full course."

Unite in Numbers 


Faculty Icludes More Than 200 Certified Forex Traders


Over 120,000 students have found success


Our Course Has Been Taught In Over 130+ Countries 


Our revenue of $200 million reflects our excellence in forex trading training

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How We Started

This Is How We Started


We were founded & Started Taking Offline Classes


In just one year we made 500+ Profitable traders


Started Our Online Journey 


Recognized As Best Forex Trading Institution

Our Vison
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