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360° Knowledge. 360° Strategies. 360° Success in Forex Trading

The Ultimate 360 Degree Forex Education Experience (POTC-360°)

Real Strategies for Real Traders: Unveil the World of Forex with Our Expert Guidance

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7:00 P.M
Regular Price:- 2,50,000 
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"Ignite Your Trading Journey: Step into the World of Forex with Our 360° Course"

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This Workshop Is Best Fit For...

beginners potc360degree
Beginners - Like Students, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Job Professionals, Self Employed, Housewives, etc.

Our training session is designed for individuals from all walks of life, including students, freelancers, entrepreneurs, working professionals, self-employed individuals, homemakers, and more.

traders potc360degree
Traders - Like Mid-Level Traders, Investors, Stock Market Practitioners, etc.

Our program caters to a diverse range of individuals, including mid-level traders, seasoned investors, stock market practitioners, and anyone seeking to enhance their financial knowledge and expertise.

experts potc360degree

Those who have good knowledge about the stock market trading & have been doing it for a long time now, but want to earn more profits, avoid losses, and trade more efficiently.

Who are looking for some advanced techniques & strategies that will boost their trading results & win big.

Unlock Your Potential

“Are You Ready For Your Life's Biggest Breakthrough?”


All You Need To Do Is To Join Us Inside The 
“The Secrets of Forex Trading: Your 360° Pathway to Financial Freedom”

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Leverage Opportunities
Rising and Falling Markets
Algorithmic Trading Opportunities
Competetionless Skill
Collaboration with Experts 
Flexible Trading
Best Forex Trading Signals
Currency Trading for Beginners
Global opportunities
Decision-Making Skills
Tailored Learning Experience
Access to Global Currencies

All You Need To Do Is To Join Me Live Inside The 
“Unlock Lifelong Growth”


More Than Just a Course: A Complete MBA

A Complete MBA Program in Forex, POTC 360 Degree is not just a course; it's a full-fledged MBA program tailored for the Forex industry. It offers comprehensive forex trading training, encompassing every facet from currency trading for beginners to the professional forex trader level.

World's Most

Demanding Course

Leading the Way Recognized globally, this is the most demanding course in the world, providing the best forex trading course and equipping you with everything from forex trading classes to forex trading full course pdf.

Transform into a Money-Making Machine

Master the Art of Forex Step into a realm where you become a money-making machine. With potent strategies like fundamental analysis forex and scalping trading strategy, you learn forex trading at its best. You will be equipped with the best forex trading strategy.

Competition-Free Zone: Stand Out and Shine

POTC 360 Degree offers a subject that is competition-free. With our certified forex trader program, you'll gain an edge, positioning yourself far ahead of the curve, leveraging the best currency for trading.

International Skilled Personality

Go Global with Confidence and transform into an internationally skilled personality. Whether you're looking to learn forex or become a funded trader, this course offers you a ticket to global prominence. Engage in Forex currency trading live and make your mark.

Comprehensive Business Management

Beyond Just Trading This is not merely about trading but managing your entire business in the Forex Industry. From price action strategy to currency option trading, you're taught everything to turn yourself into a fund manager.

Lifetime Support: We Stand with You

Our commitment doesn't end with the course. We shall hold your hand for a lifetime, guiding you through every phase of your forex journey.

Accessible to All: A Layman's Treasure

This unique course, available in 5 different languages, ensures that even a layman can learn this course completely. It's all-inclusive, making forex accessible to all.

Live Training Experience: Real-Time Learning

Our LIVE training sessions offer real-time experiences with the best forex trader in the world. Engage in forex algo trading, explore forex commodity, and work with the best Indian forex broker through interactive sessions.


if you feel like potc360degree

If you could relate to these feelings, then this session is a must-attend for you

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But Wait!!!

That’s Not All…

Here Are The Amazing Bonuses You Get If You Book Your Seat Now...


Enhance your trading arsenal with our curated toolkit, featuring essential resources like custom indicators, templates, and analysis tools. These resources are designed to complement your learning, providing you with practical aids to streamline your trading decisions.

Worth - Rs 5,000/-


Gain entry to an exclusive online community of fellow traders enrolled in the course. Connect, collaborate, and share insights in a supportive environment. Engage in discussions, exchange experiences, and learn from diverse perspectives, fostering a sense 

Worth - Rs 5,000/-


Enjoy direct access to live Q&A sessions hosted by trading experts. Get your burning questions answered, seek clarifications on course content, and receive real-time guidance on trading strategies. These interactive sessions further enrich your learning experience 

Worth - Rs 5,000/-
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Normal Course Price: ₹2,50,000

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testimonial potc360degree
testimonial potc360degree
testimonial potc360degree
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Global Reach


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Up-to-Date Curriculum


A Team of Experts

A Legacy of Excellence - POTC 360 Degree-POTC 360 Degree is a leading name in forex trading education, offering the best forex trading course that caters to all levels. A transformative journey with POTC 360 Degree. Our courses provide a complete guide to forex trading for beginners, including forex trading training, currency trading for beginners, scalping trading strategy, price action strategy, and much more. With a strong commitment to excellence, a partnership with the best Indian forex broker, and a focus on empowering the funded trader, we stand as a beacon for those who seek to learn, grow, and lead in the exciting world of forex trading.

The Ultimate 360 Degree Forex Education Experience

POTC 360 Degree isn't just a professional forex trader course, it's the best forex trading course that outshines traditional education. At a competitive forex course price, you can envelop on an unparalleled journey through forex trading classes tailored for beginners and pros alike. With our forex trading training and forex trading full course PDF, you’ll master both fundamental analysis forex techniques and the best forex trading strategy used by the best forex trader in the world. Learn forex trading with our online forex trading course, designed to give you the certified forex trader edge. From currency trading for beginners to forex algo trading, our comprehensive curriculum covers it all. Experience Forex currency trading live, learn Forex techniques, explore currency options trading, and receive the Best Forex trading signals. Whether it's a trading class for beginners or advanced insights into the best currency for trading, POTC 360 Degree propels you ahead of the competition. Join us and transform into a market leader with the forex trading for beginners full course.

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2 September, 2023
To unlock all bonuses worth ₹1,20,000
Live Trading & Analysis
Worth ₹19,999
Advanced Business Strategies
Worth ₹29,999
Portfolio Management
Worth ₹29,999
Risk management Mastery
Worth ₹39,999


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